Birth control pills because of irregular menstrual cycle does ..?

Birth control pills because of irregular menstrual cycle does ..?Birth control is needed to maintain their family life. The most popular is the use of birth control pills. But we are many myths about the side effects of birth control caused petals.
Medical Resources gnānaratnaWomen SpecialistBirth control pillsBirth control pills containing the hormone. These contain the hormones estrogen and projesṭarōn. According to the hormone content types. That is, cadre and projesṭarōn estrogen hormone pills containing lower amounts.Ḍhaḍha projesṭarōn pills contain hormones that only this country is the most used type of pills that contain both types of hormones. Hōmōnayaekama contain estrogen, but as can be seen in many different types of hormone projesṭarōn.
More suitable for the latest pillsAbout 25 years ago, now produces more hormones projesṭarōn containing the tablets containing the latest quality projesṭarōn hormone birth control pills. The new contraceptive side effects petals, minimal body. Some side effects of birth control is this more critical. Other hormonal birth-control pills may contain some rather projesṭarōn. To these possible side effects are minimal. This new product is generally best to birth control pills are.Are irregular menstrual cycleSome people think of birth control pills, it must stop when the menstrual cycle is irregular.But this is false claim. Birth control is carried out through implementation of the menstrual cycle as scheduled every 28 days. It menstrual cycle is regular. But rarely more blood flow and stomach pain may be. But the risk of the emergence of such low quality.Birth control pills processUsually the couple married and made a proper first intercourse during a woman's pregnancy probability of 65% of. The others fail to become pregnant within the first year. Family plan as birth control pills to a woman for 2 days around birth control tablet is to miss the opportunity if we will be pregnant if coming together until about a week. Use the petals results may not be about a week because other birth control until. Use slices again after a week, it can be made available to the recovery.Side effectsVarious side effects may arise if we use the old forms of birth control pills mentioned earlier. That• acne formation• Increase the skin with oil• breast pain• obesity• psychological imbalanceSuch symptoms arise. However, the latest products, to take birth control pills side effects should go away in about 90%. But birth control pills when breast cancer risk is small. In addition -• Blood to blood clots nāḷavala• Increase migērn• You can show a slight increase from the gall-related diseases. But 40 years later, to take birth control pills definitely get expert medical advice. The medical opinion decreases significantly, and uterine and ovarian cancer Oral petals.
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