Breast test Make yourself

Breast test Make yourself
01. This is a place for cover
02. From the front of your mirror and upper exposure completely.
03. Raise both hands placed on both sides over the heads of the two arms sale directly from / to strong hands on hips.
04. hand and fingers, forgery, breast side carefully check the lymph nodes in the breast, skin, or a solid check not tempered dark aisles.
05. The left hand and right breast and right armpit, right hand on the left breast and check the left armpit.
06. The breast, dark hands of the clock pins from piṭapættē covering every piece of breast lump, pain, or look for a solid.
07. thumb and index finger of finger æriyōlāva (Post pun̆ḍuva) squeezed the dark part around the post pun̆ḍuven check not leave milk discharge.
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