Young destruction causes your resources

You spend your life in this important period. That is, life tāræṇyayi ideal time to outdo the right path. Essential Guide to outdo the right path of life is good.
Any person who is the greatest of the lower world to provide guidance to these beautiful Buddha.
Buddha preached for alms if sagging putra'yeku by a person in possession of the resources provided to & Deep Six gates are destroyed or cause exists. First, we look at the door of this guide, otherwise resources are destroyed. We know this is very important in today's world as well as pruning the current youth generation. Ie alcohol. It is clear that the wealth and success lay in the improved quality. Wealth to the tree, not much money should strive to create man. Offensive manipulate his wealth he destroyed.
The drug is used when a person moved one ways preached gṛhapatiyāṭa alms that was destroyed in six. Below are the karæṇuyi.
01. His wealth will be destroyed
02. lauded the victim is
03. instills various ailments
04. Others ridicule ridicule presupposed
05. fears that without shame
06. Knowledge is power weakened.
Six reasons discussed above, the interest is worth to find out the extent to gæḷapennēda current society.
1. Drug addiction is one day destroy the wealth of the well known pruning. Asa the drug than alcohol hurævū individual wealth. His titles, his wife, other than the value of alcohol for everyone. The price of money is lost when gold, silver, vehicles, etc. as well as their traditional homes and lands and also deals sell liquor, gambling and bad deeds applied plenty of people living in society. Lost their homes, many are coming and I live without alcohol were destroyed. Although there are so many riches, but has no ability to control them. Life can spend a nice feed themselves and their family, despite his am̆budarævan helpless due to the appointment of a healthy pruning misfortune.

2. Another is to take place face to face alcohol lauded. Minīmæræm, rape, robbery, serious crimes, the main cause of alcohol. Alcohol and sanity, justice and religion flaring sight. He shortsighted. He is likely to begin to unwind. Today, the society has been confirmed and even police reports that the drug is most immoral.
This is the reason why the father raped daughter born ending his blood. Such tragic events day by day, we see, has heard. Aḍadabara with the wife, and the other neighbors with everyone seeking to establish with kalakōlahāla. In such cases, the time is always valuable lives in today's world.
3. secret event godurævīmaṭa sustained disease drug. Many diseases early vaidyavarængē believe that drug. Drugs and become the one day that is destroyed from within. Especially youth and young lives hurævīma No serious social problem in today's world. Youth precious lives have destroyed prematurely. Perhaps ailments caused seeks drugs. This loss of life is endless throughout the world as well as in Sri Lanka annually. Appalled heroin, hashish, drug-addicted youth gaṁjāsaha more serious hardness godurævī life no longer. The drugs are also monster of wealth but also bearing.

4. The main factor vannēdamatdravyayi ridicule others. His hard earned wealth destroying his self-reproach is brought to justice. To drug wedding and funeral avasthāsan̆dahāda factor misfortune healthy. Walking without shame and drug consumption can see regularly. They can not unthinkable that the popular disgust and shame.
The B matvatura used profanity, indecent conduct, humiliation of others godurævīma inferior position plunges. Bus, train, & Deep public places and everywhere because people who used drugs to the general public than frightening. Unknown social customs, harassing neighbors and residents, clergy and deguræn noræssana such bad people is not surprising pruning being humiliated and gærahumaṭa of society. Unlike some of the people drinking poop as he called ḍōpkārayā, drunkard, bebē such humiliating words.
5. error to another without fear of shame. Buddhism is said to have scratched deceit. More pruning helps a little ashamed of the fear of the two rukagænīmaṭa human society. Wives to protect the Great minisatkamaki. Bad bad bad thing or person in society without fear of shame. This is because ætivanuyē decent civilized society. These are human qualities to watch, do not know good or bad. Educated, sesame official, race, religion and his usefulness. Many people walk without fear in front of the dust, even at home, not only in nightclubs am̆budarævan current society defiled.

6. matvatura wisdom, knowledge power is weak. Knowledge of the human resource. However, high power over a man makes a weak. People sometimes a lack of the wisdom of the weak. And he done bad things. Matvatura severely brain disorders can cause.
Intelligence and health so that the polity. Each channel of Shooter long intelligently without drugs or behavior. Current human soul, and values, it must be said that the decline of hand values. Matvaturin his intelligence, physical strength, and deteriorating, it will be an obstacle in his generations. Fee advances intellect drug users. Through knowledge to have faded. This man possesses wisdom and TAPPI goes into decline stems.
Matvatura any way desirable, and ongoing intelligence matters most is that the enemy brings a strong outcome. Precious young lives and the lives of today's youth, now gripping as a curse. To be born as a man too well, very rare. A rare thing in vain from life because of misfortune to destroy trim. This is realized using drugs rakusāgen from tree to life as well as our valued Lanka from, our duty is to protect our future generations.
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