Healthy skin is very important


To maintain healthy skin, present a great challenge many face. Not only the physical therapy helps to protect the skin. Maintenance of internal and external treatment is more important than treatment.
01. Co-heated by thawed out
Other skin problems can occur heaped heated by the Sun show that exposure to skin aging and ruḷi. These are some growth potential, particularly skin cancer. The same situation can be observed the following types of small measures to prevent.
Use sankrīm · SPF value of 15 million. Especially outside after breaking sweat, at least two hours and after swimming and sport at least once a suitable coating them.
· 10 am until time of from about 4 PM and not required to use an umbrella when out. During this time, the skin is heated by the Sun brings hardship.
· Kind of cover wear, upper sleeve clothes and long pants or sāyavalda, preferred pælan̆dīmada hats with wide hem.
02. If not for smoking damage
Dumbīmat, as the smoke smell-looking skin aging brings, makes the skin ruḷi. That narrow the blood and smoke traveled through the skin delicate nāḷavala outermost layer of skin, which is more important, the health rukagænīmaṭa oxygen and nutrients circulation, will be interrupted. Kolæjan easier and causes damage that smoking these ilāsṭinvalaṭada body strength and flexibility. Broken and discolored, withered lips, eyes, smoking can cause broken suspicious. Good health helps prevent skin smoking.

03. to protect the skin soft
Daily cleaning, help is unnecessary Hair Removal Skin soft brew. Bathing time should be limited, and subject also plays a long tap, hot baths, hot oil skin types sabanut nature receding.
Not required to use a soft wash.
Romans unnecessary removal or jaws before downloading cream, gel or Lotion should be used. The clean, extremely important to use a sharp razor.
After bathing daily æn̆gehi wet well is important to me. Too soft skin factor. Skin should be applied only if there is dry skin cream moyicarayisin his nature as appropriate. Also, if applied consistently, they should focus on the SPF value krīmvala.

04. nutritious meal

Healthy diet and interior appearance and over with. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grain foods are important, healthy meal well vitamin C, carbohydrates, etc. for our skin's youth appearance is well protected. On the other hand because of the nature of the minimum mēdamaya long will keep you healthy.

05. Stress
Good looking stress factor that controls sensitive skin. Small spots and heaped, piping stress factor which controls blisters arise on other types of skin. Healthy mind indicates a healthy skin by.

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