The best time to miss the turn to the right path

The best time to miss the turn to the right path
You spend your life in this important period. That is, life tāræṇyanayi ideal time to outdo the right path. Guide to the right to life atyakavaśayi outdo good path.
Any person born under the seniority SC is to provide guidance to these beautiful Buddha. He prepared us to preach the Dhamma you Youth Guide. We intended to inform you about it with that venerable Agalakada Dhana Head of English Queit viśvavidyāyalayē Colombo owners.
Or forget the memory of all our major problem to gradually weakened. This is because we all turned out for opportunities, if there are so many of? Forget, memory to memory, we therefore consider whether any advice is provided Sangha to develop strength.
I wondered to piḷiban̆davaanuśāsanā most important pruning. Many people are looking for each day unfolding every minute, hoping, but the topic is not many nearby happiness. Not everyone in today's society, as well as almost everywhere is spoken, or reinforce, you can be happy that reminds pruning. Where is the joy? How can happiness? Happiness, fun, we talked to many people about the accuracy of peace. Academics, intellectuals, many countries are happy about researching how to. Many people in the world and in our society, those who have the happiness that money, & prasakāśayayi. Many believe that the amount of happiness, it is when watching society that idea as well as mold, which is proven evidence of Buddha. I hope to enlighten what is thus happiness. Therefore, should consider whether the money about which happiness. Inquire whether the relationship is worth the money and happiness. Can not buy happiness, that many of us can say most of% ^ means says. % If the wealth is more than money than glad ^ said others say. This is the joy and happiness are two, but one has to understand that. But these two moods quite different standards. & If we get a good House, a Property. Vacation travel received foreign trips, excursions go. But it's not our hearts rejoice * There is much said pravakāśa the group? Sometimes you identify a plenty of times. We see external things, what are outweighed by pleasure. But happiness is completely āsvādayaṭayi the heart.
If we see something constantly Club ruskirīmayi much for happiness. Meanwhile, gold, Guild-vehicles, visituræ tools, clothes, books, etc. can be. Look for a moment you own it, not only with the heart that happiness is short. Buddha Dharma through us to the joy of heart that will always retain the name. I believe that there is no happiness in society many. Because they understand properly what happiness picking.
In order to maintain happiness in mind, we said the right thing, to be the right thing. We can achieve a nice outlook. Assets that are not rich people think that is very happy. But the royal court than shanties real mental happiness, we often feel that also, you know that it is true.
Property to anyone's door for money price, rank, power, or mental satisfaction has been preached by Lord Buddha lovturā not gain happiness in mind. You have heard people who wield the world, and we rank the wealth of many mother land, the power of those events was committed suicide. The families often crises present, wife, husband and or parents, have children and praæśna the present, and the village house, country, world, this kind of pranaśna often create whether the lack of joy in his mind, quick to stride toward pragaśnayak but it hurts his heart unacceptable. Therefore, you should always work with the village family, the country, to be a good one with all sorts of things.
In today's society many matvatura celebrate anything or felt for the heart to people, structures and extensive uses immorality. I recall a poem that ever custom flowers.
Anger will drink blood
Being drunk and remember the mutilated
Power shortfall Thennakon leḍaætiveyi
Being poor is the untimely death
Can you see so extensive Enterprises through immoral or mentally can not gain happiness through. Hunched happens only in our quick decline. Buddha is the deterioration of dēśanākoṭa sūtrā'yēda.
We Shanthini Buddha has much wealth happiness. It has been preaching & santuṭṭhi paramaṁ dhanaṁ * the greatest wealth of happiness. Prior dhanīya and conversation between the Buddha and the two will make the difference is explained perfectly. Prior to the day target period ayuræt happy with her have children, how are the Buddha Ridding durækoṭa par apricots information. Furthermore, the Buddha has preached the seven great wealth. It will be very important for you to understand to some extent.
Dhanaṁ Rapids 1 2 3 sila dhanaṁ tingling dhanaṁ 4 5 ottappa dhanaṁ suta dhanaṁ 6 7 cāga dhanaṁ godfather dhanaṁ
Leave one's life, does not change the material that has been preached for seven prana'yōjanavat very nice.
Śrēddhā is unbreakable in Triple impressed. Seela is a mind, body and word saṁvaratāvayayi. Is described as a tingling and ottappa shame and scared. Shame and fear of sin is wrong to say this. Sūkha wealth as do many places and said, heard that. Otherwise, the experience is rich. Cāga or greater wealth, we have what is ankenekuṭa gift. If, as you may have heard of the treasure given ^ said. .He Will give that to. Sometimes you can be so. Prgnā wealth is important.
To cater to the individual stems are ādhyāātmika Q gnāvayi. Culture & pan̆ḍivarængē old view that the godfather narāṇaṁ cognition * discreet man ring.
Noble pointed out that the wealth of a person sabbatical ādhyāṇatmika well for the thrill that never sad, mourn, we must always be borne in mind that not worry. It is the greatest mental happiness.
Where is the joy of course we are looking hard? Look for a moment you are in your heart. What do you try to find happiness called? How you temporary pleasure in what is being said, feeling happy? Labāgannēkesēda long happiness? Did you think that did have hidden in your happiness? Buddha could be happiness through the simple life, you know, nobody has called Metta sūtraba'yēdī & sallahukavutti * dēśanākoṭa.
Today you begin to understand that temporary happiness Obesity, which avoid thinking about it and discern that mental happiness eternal, for it to try to shape his life. Krikayāvalin avoid bad, try to do good good. Hunched you will truly be satisfying. The bad for your heart down to the benefit of youth m̆babat durækoṭa.

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