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Hide SMS - SMS secret deal

APP is used by over three million Android users around the world are protected tāræṇayē Hide SMS is won. Simply said of it through you will still have to hide your text messages. Most people want their privacy heḷivanavāṭa and smart personality is by nature are known. Hence friend and, most smartphones, uses his hands suddenly shrinks somewhat short message comes that moment precisely because conditions.
Hide SMS text messages is just your hidden, it is hidden APP altered others. You must enter a password to connect to the APP only, and password is configured to engage the code clearer user interface.
You can also gift this APP is notified via text message when receiving the hidden (Notification), you can set as needed. So you received the message which will be confirmed when we receive none of the altered text.
You also need links (contacts) This can be used anytime you want, and not have to be on time, they can be hidden in one of APP and head back to your messaging. The result is a program that has been sīmāvirahita matakadharitā obligations should enjoy good freedom.

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